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• Production Coordinator

• Line Producer

• Pre-production Researcher

• Sports Director

• Interviewer, Reporter


• Camera Operator

• Sound Mixer

​• Video Engineer

• Tech Coordinator

• IP Feed / Live Broadcast to

   Japan and other countries

• Simple Post Production


• Camera

     SONY FX3

     SONY FS7M2

     SONY PDW-850


• Live Shoot

     Blackmagic ATEM Switcher

     Atomos SUMO

• Drone / Gimbal

     DJI Air 3

     DJI RS 2


Through our elaborate preparations and powerful production processes innovative visual content is created.


Our skilled multilingual (English and Japanese) production staff have supported projects from pre-production research to production management.


Based in New York and Los Angeles, we can address all our clientele’s needs to accomplish their projects’ goals with wider vision.

Production Team


Our technicians are not just camera geeks and gearheads, but also highly creative and well-organized professionals.


Our staff wear many different hats. For example, our camera operators are also proficient in other production roles such as; sound mixing, video engineering, TD switching, drone operating, grip, and even technical coordination between American production team and Japanese clientele.


We specialize in creating visual content for extensive platforms including; ENG style, OB van operation, studio shooting, and internet streaming. We are also able to produce IP feed and live-broadcast to Japan and other countries seamlessly.

Our tech team is flexible to collaborate with our clientele on many different levels to accomplish the bigger picture.

Tech Team


We own a SONY FS7M2 camera with 4K capability and practical S&Q. It is our go-to guy for documentary, commercial, live event or any type of shooting environment.


If you prefer to operate a multi-camera set up for your live streaming, we can provide you with our Blackmagic ATEM switcher and Atomos SUMO 19" monitor.


We also have a powerful and mobile ENG package of XDCAM/NXCAM, audio field mixer, boom and wireless microphones, LED lights, drone and GoPro. This is one of the most popular requests from our clientele.


If none of these options fulfill your creative needs, we have very close relationships with local vendors. Equipment of any scale, from Jib crane to helicopter, will be brought to your site by our tech coordinator.

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